Meeting Location:

600 W Martintown Rd, North Augusta, SC 29841

North Augusta Church of Christ


Children's Class



This class is for....

Scholler's Class



This class is for...

Advanced Class



This class is for...


Dues:    $50.00/month

  • Second family member 25% off (Dues 2nd family member $37.50)

  • Third family member 50% off (Dues 3rd family member $25.00)

Registration $30.00 – one time.  (Includes rattan cudgel)

Company of Maisters dues – Yearly AFTER first year of training and passed rank testing.


  • Must be worn to every class!

  • (Student is eligible to purchase polo shirt after taking schollers oath, see above)

  • Company of Maisters polo shirt - $30.00

  • Or Official School t-shirt - $25.00

  • Black pants/sweats

Equipment and Prices

  • Cudgel: $30.00

  • Quarterstaff: $35.00

  • Combo price of shirt and both weapons: $85.00

  • Children's padded weapons: $50.00

Classroom Etiquette & Safety Rules

  • Take care at all times to avoid injury to myself and fellow students during practice.

  • I promise to never use this knowledge except to avoid personal injury or harm.

  • No horse play in school; use only prescribed techniques.

  • I will wear the class uniform, unless otherwise noted by the course instructor.

  • No jewelry, gum, or sharp objects allowed on the school floor.

  • No smoking or profanity.

  • Signs and notices to be observed and followed.

  • Please be on time for classes.

  • Should my physical health or mental condition ever change, I will notify the instructor immediately