The American Academy of English Martial Arts


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9 centuries of proven martial arts training meets modern fighting techniques...

At the American Academy of English Martial Arts we provide realistic and practical training in a fun and safe environment through historical and modern English Martial Arts.

You will learn hand-to-hand combat and weapons fighting, including swords, quarterstaff, knife and more! We also offer self-defense for women and martial arts classes for children.


Monday Nights

(6 to 11 yrs):


Free Schollers
(Provost Class):


"The Noble Science of Defence is to be prefferred next to Divinity; for Divinity preserveth the soul from hell and the devil, so doth the Noble Science defend the body from wounds and slaughter.  And moreover the exercising of weapons putteth away the aches, griefs, and diseases, it increaseth strength, and sharpens the wits, it giveth a perfect judgement, it expelleth melancholy, choleric, and evil conceits, it keepth a man in breath, perfect health, and long life." - Silver